English Night der 2. Klassen

On Thursday, the 29th of November, the 2a and 2b slept in the school. We met at five o’clock and played a lot of games. After that the 2a made pizza for everyone and the 2b did the washing-up. But that wasn’t all! After pizza we had a big Scavenger Hunt through the whole school. The winners got headphones and the other pupils got sweets.

 In the gym we built our beds and finally we had a dancing show. At 20 to ten, our teacher read a scary story and the teachers wanted to scare us with a skeleton. At six o’clock a.m. our school cleaner played a tune on his trumpet. Ten minutes later we had breakfast in the kitchen. It was very cool.

Thanks to Ms Kos, Ms Grabner, Ms Eckmaier!



Valentina Prager & Conny Prammer, 2a

 Bürozeiten während der Ferien: 

Mi, 4.9., - Do, 5.9., jeweils 9:00-11:00



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